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I love Courtney Love so much. She just gets it. Like every lyric from every Hole song is just like truuu. From “I’ll be the biggest scar/knife in your back/sky” to “you better watch out what you wish for, it better be worth it” to like Heaven Tonight it’s like fucking truuu.

I had a really scarrrrryyy dream about Anthony Kiedis the other night.

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Anonymous said: I think you're wild. I wish we were friends.

You have no idea. Can you imagine like 1991 Courtney Love meeting 1994 Courtney Love meeting 1998 Courtney Love meeting 2004 Courtney Love and just throwing them into a blender? That’s me. I think that’s why that weird guy from like Woodland Hills is obsessed with me. He thinks he’s like some Kurt Cobain reincarnate. Oh please.